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Sydney Amateur Sailing Club

Photograph Gallery

The selection will be changed from time to time (yes, I know I have said that before!), so come again.
All photographs are J C Jeremy.

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ON756D_001.jpg (140533 bytes) The Sydney Amateur Sailing Club Clubhouse at Cremorne on Sydney Harbour
ON654D_03.jpg (269091 bytes) Ranger-class yachts alongside the SASC pontoon on Gaffers Day 2003
ON654D_48.jpg (181177 bytes) Sir James Hardy's beautiful gaff cutter Nerida heading for the starting line on Gaffers Day 2003
ON672D_13.jpg (105426 bytes) Farr Horizons approaching the finish line in the evening light in February 2004
ON684D_26.jpg (110708 bytes) Tamaris, Hoana and Celeste wait for the wind during a winter race in May 2004
ON728D_21.jpg (133440 bytes) Torquil beating to windward in a fresh north easterly in March 2005
ON729D_11.jpg (187486 bytes) Ranger (A1), Vanity (A2) and Cherub (86) shortly after the start of the 2005 Ranger World Championships
ON756D_035.jpg (146342 bytes) Pinchgut and other competitors in the Super 30 Division beating to windward under a stormy sky in December 2005
ON768D_037.jpg (139838 bytes) Clewless? creeping past Shark Island during a twilight race in February 2006
ON777D_158.jpg (150608 bytes) Nerida and Jameil (J26) approaching the finish on Gaffers Day 2006
ON781D_028.jpg (203136 bytes) Typical winter sailing conditions in Sydney
ON790D_001.jpg (143589 bytes) Vanity running before a southerly buster on 8 October 2006
ON790D_003.jpg (153575 bytes) Vanity at 9.1 knots in 40 knots of wind - 8 October 2006
ON794D_041.jpg (145214 bytes) A busy start in the Super 30 Regatta held on 29 October 2006
ON795D_021.jpg (139736 bytes) Fidelis approaching the finish line in a fresh southerly - November 2006



Updated: 24 December 2006